paladin tank application

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paladin tank application

Postby tillie » 27 Jan 2016, 22:47

Character name: Tillie but have a few 100 characters

Applying for Social OR Raider? social and raider

Class/Level: paladin 100

Character profile link (WoW Armory):frig , im 42 , im ilvl 701 atm

Any regularly played alts? druid tank, i have hunter , warlock, rogue,

Guild History

Previous guild(s) & reason to leave: im not in one, played solo for a few years as i had kids. they are older now and i can raid again. I used to be in a horde raiding guild on darkspear called clarity, they were a high end raiding guild. i was a druid healer then, back in the day.

Reason why it's Lightwalkers you have chosen to join: i asked, i like your terms and conditions


If you are applying for a social membership in Lightwalkers, you don't need to fill out the "Raiding" section. Please be aware that we cannot offer you a raidspot in our core team then tho, unless we decide to open one up for recruitment and you meet the appropriate requirements. While not being taken into account for our main raid team, social members may of course take part in any flex or alt raids run by the guild.

Do you have any experience raiding Vanilla, BC, LK, Cata or MoP content at its appropriate level? bc and lk, high end , server first stuff

Which are your important AddOns to use for raiding? iron maiden on my headphones

Have TS installed + mic or would install it + get one? got it

Will you be able to regularly attend our 3 weekly raids? (Monday, Thursday and Sunday 19:45-23:30 server time) i work shifts , so work depending, ill post in advance

Why did you chose the spec you have and what do you believe your class (and spec) brings to our raids? i like pally tanking. I spent many years as a druid healer but not done it for a while. my hunter can do a fair amount of dps per lvl

Why do you like to raid? What do you aim for? fun, a good laugh but being able to switch on when needed.

Extra Info. thats about it. i run a lot of dungeons as tank as I like em.

Water, Gold or Cheese? cheese

Tell us a little about the person behind the character! 42, married , 2 kids, busy shift working job... mature .. likes a laugh

What do you expect from the guild you want to join, or LW as a guild?
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Re: paladin tank application

Postby grimbaz » 28 Jan 2016, 01:35

Goodluck :)
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Re: paladin tank application

Postby Indigo » 28 Jan 2016, 15:18


thanks for your application to LW, and while it sounds like you'd really be a nice addition to our guild, i'm afraid we might need to have a longer chat about the raiding part :P

There's 2 concerns i have about your application, the first is your attendance. You said you work shifts and while you'd always let us know in advance if you cannot make it to a raid, it does sound like you'd be missing a fair number of them due to work. As a dps, that wouldn't be any issue, but for a tank i'm afraid it looks a little different, as "no tanks" usually results in a cancelled raid.

The second is, you're already confusing me :P J/k, but i can't find a paladin called Tillie on the armory except a bloodelf on the Kazzak server, so maybe you're a recent transfer/would transfer? If it's a recently boosted char, then nvm, slow armory is slow i guess.

The situation in LW currently looks like this: we have 1 regular tank that has a near 100% raidattendance (probably even 100%, heck the guy even raids on his birthday :P ) and 1 tank that's currently experiencing a little... shall we call it lack of motivation to raid HFC. He's a longtime guildie tho, and we know he'll be back at some point, so we wouldn't want to take his raidspot away from him. In the last couple of weeks we had 2 dps helping out as tanks if needed, tho they both feel more comfortable playing melee dps. So, ideally we'd like a tank with melee dps offspec who enjoys tanking, but also has no problems with occasionally raiding as dps, when all 3 tanks are present.

If you would consider raiding as dps, that would ofc sort the problem, we have several dps on the raidteam that can't make all raids due to work and it's not an issue. Depends on you tbh - if you can see yourself fit into this somehow and if either of the 2 options would be ok for you.

I'll be online on bnet for most of the afternoon/evening today, you're welcome to add me if you'd like to chat about it!
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