Recruiting: most DPS classes

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Recruiting: most DPS classes

Postby Nova » 27 Mar 2015, 18:22

LW are always looking for a few more players to join our raidteam, mainly of the DPS classes listed below.
You need to bring the right level of craziness, resistance to wiping, a good unterstanding of your class and the dedication to raid with us 2-3 times a week - we'll provide the wipes and the silly banter on TS, don't worry ;)

We currently run a normal/HC raid team for Legion, gearing up to give mythic a try eventually. 20+ signups on every raidnight; no raidspots for tanks or healers available at this point, we'd preferably recruit a ranged DPS or 2 tho.

Looking for 1 or 2 more DPS, with preference to mage, rogue and hunter.

Recruitment is generally always open to social applications and we try to run a normal mode raid every week for all guildies.

Legion raid progress:
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 normal, 7/7 HC
Trial of Valor: 3/3 normal, 2/3 HC
Nighthold: -/10 normal, -/10 HC

WoD raid progress:
Highmaul 7/7 normal, 7/7 HC, 1/7 Mythic before Foundry release
Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 normal, 10/10 HC before HFC release
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 normal, 13/13 HC / 2/13 mythic before Legion pre-patch

Previous MoP raid progress:
14/14 normal and 6/14 HC Siege of Orgrimmar
3/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder before 5.4 release
5/16 Heroic T14 raids before 5.2 release

LW always aim at recruiting mature, skilled players who wish to explore the raid instances but also all the rest of the content with us. We hope to find a few more members who are motivated, dedicated to raid 3 times a week and willing to learn + prepare for raiding, but who also value the social part of a guild and wish to take part in more guild activities than just raiding. We don't mind giving a chance to a currently "undergeared" player with the aim + motivation to get the best out of their char, while fitting into our guild on the social level as well and would expect applicants to be over 18 years old, as the average age in LW is by now close to 30+.

Please do not apply to LW if your motivation to join us is getting epics, if you're only trying to get into some random raiding guild, if you don't want more from a guild than logging in for 3 raids per week, if you are overly emo and can't handle constructive criticism, or if you tend to leave groups/raids early due to dinnertime or your mum telling you it's time to get away from your PC now. We will not recruit any players with active (especially raiding) chars in other guilds, as we expect a certain degree of commitment to our guild from those who wish to join it.

LW do not promise a 100% guaranteed raidspot for every single raid of our progress team(s). Due to the fact that we're still a semi casual/social guild, we raid with a slightly larger pool of raiders than we have raidspots available every raid. This makes player rotations neccessary, which means you would need to accept a backup spot here or there. We try to rotate as fairly as possible and not put a single player on backup more often than absolutely neccessary. Members of our core raiding team have priority on raidspots over social/casual members. This will change in WoD, where flexible raidsize no longer makes backups neccessary.

Our guild community has steadily grown over the past 12 years, and even if we also aim for our share of the endgame raiding content, we still prefer mature, easygoing people to join our ranks, as our priority is and has always been to have fun together. While we do strive to progress through the endgame content, we don't place progress above anything else. We run an active guild forum, have our own TS server, a well organized guildbank. I'm afraid we don't have a cool tabard tho, sorry.

Our raiding times are 3 progress raids to the new raid instances per week: atm those are Sunday/Monday/Thursday 19:45 to 23:30 servertime. If you apply for a raidspot, we expect you to be able to generally attend those 3 progress raids per week, with a stable internet connection. In case we can't field enough people for a progress raidnight, alternative raids (alt runs, old content, etc) will be organized instead by the raidlead. While our guild also occasionally runs pvp teams, our main goal is focused on endgame raiding, and we're not very PvP oriented. Were not as hardcore as other guilds, not as fast as other guilds, not with every shiny achievement done there is, but we're always getting there in our own pace, and we'd expect our new members to help us on that track.

We do appreciate raiding experience and general game experience with your class. This ofc includes that you know to play your class, take care to have good equipment that suits your class + role on raids, enchant/socket your gear. Also, reading up on tactics before a raid and preparing with foodbuffs and potions should be something you do not shy away from nor need to be reminded of everytime. You should have TS installed and at least be able to listen, even tho a mic helps a lot more and it's really appreciated if you also talk on TS.

We're always open for applications for social membership but we'd like to point out in advance that social members should apply for membership in LW without expecting a raidspot and are limited to participate in the 10man alt raids or the weekly flex run. Of course they would be given preferance if we decide to open up a raidspot for their class/role that they'd wish to apply for. As for raiding members: be aware of the fact that a spot on our core raid team requires average 70% or more raidattendance, as well as skill, preparation and dedication. Raider status will be removed if any of these requirements lapse.

Applications can be made here on the forum, or per PM to Zilzs, Elmeria or Nova. Of course you're also more than welcome to contact us ingame for more information!
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