Recruitment Template - please use!

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Recruitment Template - please use!

Postby Nova » 27 Mar 2015, 18:24

If you wish to join the ranks of Lightwalkers, please take a little time and tell us a few things about yourself and your char(s). Please do NOT in any way use the in game application tool as we dont read it.

General Information:

Character name:

Applying for Social OR Raider?


Character profile link (WoW Armory):

Any regularly played alts?

Guild History

Previous guild(s) & reason to leave:

Reason why it's Lightwalkers you have chosen to join:


If you are applying for a social membership in Lightwalkers, you don't need to fill out the "Raiding" section. Please be aware that we cannot offer you a raidspot in our core team then tho, unless we decide to open one up for recruitment and you meet the appropriate requirements. While not being taken into account for our main raid team, social members may of course take part in any flex or alt raids run by the guild.

Do you have any experience raiding Vanilla, BC, LK, Cata or MoP content at its appropriate level?

Which are your important AddOns to use for raiding?

Have TS installed + mic or would install it + get one?

Will you be able to regularly attend our 3 weekly raids? (Monday, Thursday and Sunday 19:45-23:30 server time)

Why did you chose the spec you have and what do you believe your class (and spec) brings to our raids?

Why do you like to raid? What do you aim for?

Extra Info

Water, Gold or Cheese?

Tell us a little about the person behind the character!

What do you expect from the guild you want to join, or LW as a guild?
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