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Application post

Posted: 26 Jul 2015, 20:05
by Tordehole
General Information:

Character name: Wytemage.

Applying for - Raider.

Class/Level: Mage/100

Character profile link (WoW Armory): ... age/simple

Any regularly played alts? Not really. Got one that I play every now and again but not all that often.

Guild History

Previous guild(s) & reason to leave: Left like.. 3-4 guilds now.. All because after X amount of time the guilds just died because peoples real lives got in the way. Went from 'The Dark Circus' to 'Elders of Time' (Known as Shoulders Magic Circle back then), Then moved to 'JPF' to join my brother at around the start of Highmaul I think.. Then that died and I went back to 'Elders of time' just so I had a guild to be in.

Reason why it's Lightwalkers you have chosen to join: I chose to join here because I had my brother, Elmeria, Pointed out that you guys were looking for mages. I have been wanting to raid for a while as I didn't really raid much during BRF due to JPF being dead and EoT also being kinda dead. Watched over his shoulder every so often as he did some fights and you look like a cool bunch so I thought hey, Doesn't hurt to ask.


Do you have any experience raiding Vanilla, BC, LK, Cata or MoP content at its appropriate level? I didnt raid, Or even play much, in Vanilla or BC I believe.. But in LK and on-wards I was mostly with The Dark Circus till around end of MoP I think, Then joined up with EoT till around the start of Highmaul (As stated above) and you know the rest from above.

Which are your important AddOns to use for raiding? Only AddOnsI really use are AnnounceInterupts (can disable if wanted during raids) Skada and DBM. Also have the Iskar AddOn downloaded ready for whenever I am able to find people nice enough to let me join them but yeah, Yet to be used. Got a few other side ones but they don't really do much for raids so yah.

Have TS installed + mic or would install it + get one? I have TS and a mic, Yes.

Will you be able to regularly attend our 3 weekly raids? (Monday, Thursday and Sunday 19:45-23:30 server time) Work may get in the way every now and again, But if I am not working then I should be here 100% of the time. Can provide more information about this if needed but dont wanna bore you with unneeded details.

Why did you chose the spec you have and what do you believe your class (and spec) brings to our raids? Played as Arcane for as long as I can remember. I tried Frost and Fire in every so often but I just cant really see how people like to play them. I am willing to learn them and put up with them for AoE fights if needed as I know Arcane isn't great at big AoE groups, Better with like 3-4 dudes around. As for what I will bring? Uh.. Free cookies.. A Timewarp.. Not sure what else I bring that other people don't. I am not too good at talking good of myself.. I am better at saying my bad points though.

Why do you like to raid? What do you aim for? I like to raid because its where I find the most fun. Partly because the raids are fun.. But also because of some of the shenanigans that can happen in TS/Vent/Whatever. Well. That happened in old guilds. But they wasn't super serious raiders. Dunno about you lot but yeah. What do I aim for.. Well.. Gear is always nice.. But mostly just wanna fill my time. I mean.. I am subbed to the game. I may as well play it. :^)

Extra Info

Water, Gold or Cheese? Depends. Is the cheese melted? If so, Cheese. If it is just a solid block then I would take the gold to trade with someone for melted cheese.

Tell us a little about the person behind the character! As stated above I am not good about talking about the good things about me but I guess I will try. All I do is work, Play games, Watch Anime or YouTube. I mostly like to play tactical stealth based games like Metal Gear Solid, Hitman.. etc.. But I dip into other games like World of Warcraft (Ofc.. :^) ) League of Legends, World of Tanks.. And a bunch of other ones that I don't play much. Other than playing games or watching anime/YouTube at home I am at work or asleep. That is pretty much all there is about me. I am not interesting but hey.. I am fine with being boring.

What do you expect from the guild you want to join, or LW as a guild? Uh.. Fun? A spot in raids (Ofc dont plan on taking your main raiders spots, But if there is room. Don't wanna be greedy.)? Friends? Idk.. Normal guild expediencies I guess.

Re: Application post

Posted: 26 Jul 2015, 20:27
by Nova

thanks for your application to LW, admins will have a little chat about it and we'll contact you ingame asap :)

Re: Application post

Posted: 27 Jul 2015, 11:53
by grimbaz
I remember you.... always rolling my my gears...:) welcome bud

Re: Application post

Posted: 27 Jul 2015, 13:08
by Tordehole
Ah. Ayo baz. Gonna stalk you and steal all of your loot for as long as this game runs. :twisted:

Re: Application post

Posted: 30 Jul 2015, 20:02
by Nova
You're welcome to poke any of our admins ingame for a guildinvite :)

Re: Application post

Posted: 30 Jul 2015, 20:53
by Tordehole
Aye, Just got my bro, Elmeria, to invite me. ^.^
Thanks for letting me join. :)